What is our take on Sustainability


It doesn’t hurt to be a conscious shopper or manufacturer. Sustainability is the need of an hour.

We are actively working towards making the earth a better place like how we found it. We are working towards use, reuse, repair, remake, and recycling of the product and its components through all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transportation, marketing, and final sale.

Here are a few ways we do our bit :

  • To avoid unsold, excess inventory which goes in landfills, every item is produced exclusively against an order.
  • High-quality natural fabrics ensure that your clothes last longer. They are durable and minimize wastage.
  • We use buttons that are derived from natural sources, instead of plastic buttons to reduce the discharge of harmful chemicals associated with textile production.
  • Most of our products are dyed in natural dyes.
  • By creating timeless silhouettes – we offer styles that are evergreen. This helps avoid the incessant dumping of clothes.
  • We support, preserve, and promote vanishing art & crafts by including them in the majority of our garments. These include Hand-Block printing, Ikat, and many more.
  • We operate in full compliance with the labour & manufacturing laws. We offer fair Wages, working hours as pet the law, Safe Work Environment to all our employees. We do not employ child labour.
  • We are a digital-native, direct to consumer brand, which allows us to bypass the intermediaries like wholesalers, resellers, retailers. Hence, we can offer designer apparel at affordable prices, direct to your doorstep.
  • You can style our products in numerous ways to get multiple looks from every piece.
We are not sure what we do is considered sustainable or not, but we take great pride in our execution. We welcome any suggestions on what more we can do or avoid.
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