Bulk Manufacturing and Fast Fashion

Climate change is a major concern for every country on this planet. It is altering our planet with extreme weather conditions affecting the crop production, disrupting animals’ natural habitat. Major attribute to this climate change is the global warming which is caused by the carbon emissions.

What are the carbon emissions?

Carbon emission is a type of green gas emission where carbon di oxide enters the atmosphere due to human activity. This trap the sun’s heat, increasing the average global temperature causing the Global Warming.
Carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere after everyday human processes like driving a vehicle, the agricultural industry, and more. One of the major perpetrators for this vast carbon emission is Fashion Industry.
  • Due to bulk production every year fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water and releases around 20 % of untreated toxic water directly to rivers.
  • Produces 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation of the million’s garments purchased. It is more than the combined emissions of all international flights and shipping.
  • One garbage truck of textiles is sent to landfill or burned every second.
Due to trending fast fashion, there is need of mass production of clothes. Manufactures are under pressure to meet the demand. Approximately 75 million people, mostly women under age 18-24 are working for a wage as low as $96 per month. To lead a decent life with basic facilities it should be 3.5% more than the current wage. This is also leading to child labour in few countries.
Other than cheap labour another social threat due to fast fashion is on fine work of artisans. There is growing concern about the loss of artisan cultures and techniques. People are choosing imported ones over the local handmade art. Quantity has taken over quality.
Interest in bespoke tailoring is declining because of fast fashion and instant gratification. The art is dying as the artisans are migrating find work which will give them better wages. They need our support especially in times like this pandemic. This decreasing demand for their products has left the artisans very vulnerable and has posed a big threat to their sustainable livelihoods.
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